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Re: trouble with NIS in slink update


Ok, I guess this is the epilogue of my NIS problems. I recompiled 
the package myself and it miraculously works. I guess even I won't
be able to reproduce the problem if I recompile it with the debug 
options on. So I won't go into it further. 

Thanks to everyone for your help.


Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> >Anything else I can try?
> Yes, debug it on the source level ..
> Recompile NIS with debugging (-g) on, and run the unstripped binaries
> under a debugger (gdb). Then when it coredumps you can do a
> stack-trace to see where it goes wrong.
> Until someone who can reproduce this debugs it this way, it's
> not going to be fixed ..
> Mike.

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