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Re: trouble with NIS in slink update

Miquel van Smoorenburg writes:
 > In article <cistron.3861180B.63250D96@arxel.si>,
 > Ferenc Kiraly  <feri@arxel.si> wrote:
 > >I just upgraded to the most recent slink release and NIS stopped
 > >working. If I run any of the NIS programs: domainname, ypcat,
 > >ypwhich, etc, I get an instant segmentation fault. This is
 > >supposed to be a production machine, so no I'm pretty much in deep
 > >shit for doing the update. What can I do about it. Is it possible 
 > >get the old nis packages somewhere, so I can attempt a downgrade?

I have potato (sparc) and nis doesn't work either. Before that I have
slink and nis never work for me. I have written to this list about
the problem, but nis never got fixed.

Now, just by exasperation, I go to the redhat site, grab the package
ypbind, extract the binary ypbind in it (using the mc file manager),
then substitute this ypbind to that of debian. Amazingly, it works !

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