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PC164--No Video

Hi all...

I just finished building my PC164 system with a Millennium G200 and Intel
Ether Express Pro 100 and Tekram 390F card and it comes up into ARC just
fine. I'm booting a custom-built 2.2.13 kernel with minimal support (SCSI,
Ethernet, FP completion) and it runs fine for a few hours, but then
suddenly zonks out. The monitor says "no signal" and the reset button
doesn't do any good. The ethernet LEDs go out.

Power cycling makes the keyboard LEDs do a happy dance, but there still is
no video signal.

FYI I took the green wire for power on (from the power supply) and
grounded it against a ground wire.

The only partial remedy is for me to unplug the motherboard from the power
supply, take out the battery, and let it sit overnight. Then it'll come up
okay, but only until it does it again.

I was running a 2.0.36 kernel that came with the boot disks (debian) and
that was running for about five days. Could this be software related? If
it was software related, why wouldn't a power cycle fix it?

thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me,

Christopher Kyin-hwa Chen <cchen@reed.edu>
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