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Re: booting and other questions

On Sun, 26 Dec 1999, Bart Warmerdam wrote:

> > 	1a) I'd like to cut the CDROM out of the chain. How do I do
> > 	this under IDE? 
> http://www.alphalinux.org/faq/alphabios-howto.html
	You're right, I missed it, my apologies. 

> > 	1b) Does rdev exist/work to put the root device string into the
> > 	kernel?
> the commandline boot hda2:vmlinux.gz root=/dev/hda2 can be given in the OS
> parameters of AlphaBios.
	I know, and I have it working that way. My question is: does
the rdev concept simply *not* exist under Linux/Alpha? 

> > 	1d) Is SRM available on the board, and is there any benefit to
> > 	using it?
> It is available. I saw a link on c.o.l.alpha the other day, pointing to a
> sx164 rom. See the archive of the axp-list (redhat) for such comments. Also
> AlphaLinux.org is a good source!
	Found it in axp-list. The only reason to use it seems to be: 
required to boot BSDs, DEC Unix. Any other?

> > 	1e) Can MILO or the kernel image be written to flash?
> Yes (AFAIK). See the AlphaBios howto.
	Not in the AlphaBIOS howto. The MILO howto v0.85 15April97
contains sketchy directions for the PC164, but: "The PC164, like all of
the Alpha Evaluation Boards built by Digital contains the Evaluation Board
Debug Monitor and so this is available to load MILO" -- but I don't think
that the SX and LX are "evaluation" boards, so this info is presumebly
inapplicable. The PC164 was also (AFAIK) ARC, not AlphaBIOS.
	In short, the docs I've seen on flash and the debug monitor
predate the sx164. 

> > 	I hope these aren't too many questions; I haven't found current,
> > applicable answers posted elsewhere despite a fair bit of searching. 
> No problem!
	Thanks very much.

						-Alex Winbow

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