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How do I format a hard drive using fdisk "b" (BSD partitioning)

I'm not sure how to format my hard drive using the fdisk "b - edit BSD
Disklabel" command (as recommended by the disks-alpha/README). 

When I selected "b", fdisk reported that my drive had no disklabel.  When I
entered "y" to create one, fdisk printed a page of information ("disk:",
"label:" & "flags:" are blank).  Now what do I do?  Am I supposed to define
my 3 partitions (Milo, swap & Linux) out of the BSD "a-h" partitions?  I can
see filesystem types "swap" and "ext2", but what should the (msdos) Milo
partition filesystem type be?

Does anyone know what to enter, or where I could find some more info?

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