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Alpha DKA600 = Linux /dev/$what?


        I have a Alpha 2100 4/275 (sable) with SCSI CD at 
DKA600. and it's the second SCSI device. From what 
I've read, it should be sdb2 for the root device (y/n)?. I 
cannot get Debian 2.1 to mount the root file system under 
this or any other device name (sdb6, sd0, sdb) I have even 
tried hex devices such as root=0x822 where 22 is hex for 
minot 34 (16 * 2) + slice 2 as the "sd" man page says. 
All I get from any of these is unable to mount root slice 
and a kernel panic. If I use boot_ramdisk, it asks for the
floppy and halts trying to mount on 00:02. And it always
reports to be guessing boot device as /dev/scd0. Why is 
it guessing this device since everywhere I've read the CD
is supposed to be a "sd" device? Yet on an installed Linux
box scd0 shows as a major number 11. ???? Please help as 
management will so make me install Tru64 Unix but I really 
wanted Linux for this FTP server. 

Oh, on an side, this Alpha box getts to the point where it
is sending out BOOTP and RARP broadcasts trying to boot. Why 
is it doing this on an Installation?


- Kyle 
kylet@shore.net   http://www.shore.net/~kylet    
UNIX Sys Admin        "Grandpa, what was NT?"

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