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Re: Headless install on LX164

[D'oh!  Forgot to cc the last message to the list...]

Greg Johnson wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 01, 1999 at 01:01:11AM +0000, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> > Okay, I'm mostly there, installed the base system from floppies and did the linking
> > trick so /dev/console is linked to ttyS0.  It gets as far as:
> >
> > Starting base networking daemons: portmap inetd.
> >
> > But of course I have a tulip ethernet card, and there's no tulip module in the install.
> Wow.  I really thought there was one.  Are you sure support is not buil
> into the kernel?  All of my machines have tulip cards in them and I
> always install over the net.

I'm pretty sure.  I have a headed machine which I installed at the same time, and ifconfig
eth0 up doesn't work on it.

> > So where can I get a tulip.o module which goes with the Slink install kernel (2.0.36),
> > so I can put it on a floppy?  I can't seem to find any kernel-image packages in slink,
> > but then again, this would probably be too big for a floppy, though at least I might
> > extract a tulip module...
> I don't know.  I verified that there isn't a tulip.o on the install
> disks. :-(
> If you tell me you configuration, I can build you a monolithic 2.2 kernel.

Okay, I got the 2.2.12 which came with the machines, and it boots, the headed machine is
fine.  The headless one has had a couple of problems, the last of which I can't figure out
for the life of me...

First there was:

/bin/sh: /dev/tty1: Operation not supported by device [repeated ten times]
INIT: ID "1" respawning too fast, disabled for 5 minutes
INIT: ID "2" respawning too fast, disabled for 5 minutes

I made a new /dev/console, to no avail, then realized that must be from /etc/inittab.  Okay,
edited that, commenting out consoles 2-6 and switching tty1 to ttyS0 in the two versions of
console 1.

Next problem: when I boot, it asks me for a root password!  Rebooting with the rescue floppy
and mounting / confirms there is no root password, i.e. in /etc/passwd the root line starts
with root:: while the others have :*: but it is still asking me for a password.

I try username root, no password, to no avail.  Why did this work on the headed machine, but
not on the headless?  Is there something about trying to log in to a non-tty1 type of thing
which makes it non-trusted?

So, next I try commenting out the login line, and uncommenting the getty line in
/etc/inittab.  Trouble is, getty needs a baud rate, and both 38400 (default) and 115200 give
me garbage.

What should I do?

> > (For future releases, it seems that there is ample room in the drivers floppy, maybe a
> > tulip module would be a good idea?)
> >
> > Thanks very much once again!
> Glad to help. :-)

I guess I can partially "repay" you by helping others on the lists, which I'll do my best to


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