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Re: How do I format a hard drive using fdisk "b" (BSD partitioning)

On Mon, Dec 06, 1999 at 02:50:48PM +0100, Paul Slootman wrote:
> On Fri 03 Dec 1999, simonst@WellsFargo.COM wrote:
> > I'm not sure how to format my hard drive using the fdisk "b - edit BSD
> > Disklabel" command (as recommended by the disks-alpha/README). 
> Umm, isn't it only recommended to use the BSD disklabels if using SRM?

> ? My understanding was that you should use BSD disklabels with SRM, as
> you have to use aboot to boot linux from SRM. I.e. no MILO involved.
> However, I may be confused here. If I am, then yes, you should define
> your 3 partitions from the a-h partitions. 
> Note that the second (or is it third) partition with BSD is traditionally 
> the entire disk.  As to
The third, c.

> what type the MILO partitions should be: I use the FAT-12 type, at least
> for traditional fdisk partitions. I don't know what the convention is
> with BSD partitions.
No FAT at all. Write the kernel directly after aboot into the first
partition [*]


[*] Warning: The kernel may under no circumstances be larger than the
             first partition or you'll loose your root partition 
	     (typically b). Been there, done that.

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