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Re: Bug#51964: Probably one autobuilders system time is set somewhere in the future

* Paul Slootman (paul@wau.mis.ah.nl) [991208 17:38]:
> On Sun 05 Dec 1999, Michael Neuffer wrote:
> > Package: general
> > Version: N/A;
> > Severity: important
> Why is it important?

Because this can upset many things (besides dpkg which doesn't like it
and doesn't allow for a smooth upgrade) like intrusion detection et al.
> > It looks like one alpha autobuilder is producing packages with 
> > timestamps in the future. The system time on that machine should 
> > be corrected.
> This has already been acknowledged by Chris C. Chimelis (whose machine
> was the culprit).
> In time the packages will be become "up to date" again (in about 10 days
> I guess :-), so I think it's safe to close this bug.

> BTW, it's probably better to simply report this to
> debian-alpha@lists.debian.org ...

I had it also on debian-devel IIRC.

I've not been tracking the autobuilder systems for a very long
time now, so I just assigned it to general from where I was sure
it would be picked up and forwarded to the correct person.

Utilizing the bug-tracking system was maybe not the most efficient 
way to get the problem fixed, but for sure it is a reliable one.


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