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Re: Bug#51964: Probably one autobuilders system time is set somewhere in the future

* Christopher C Chimelis (chris@debian.org) [991209 04:59]:
> On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Michael Neuffer wrote:
> > Because this can upset many things (besides dpkg which doesn't like it
> > and doesn't allow for a smooth upgrade) like intrusion detection et al.
> I can NMU these, but is it worth it?  I could understand if it was a year
> ahead or so, but it's just a handful of days.  I built 53 packages that
> day by hand and would not like to do those all over again if I can help
> it.
> [...] 
> It wasn't an autobuilder, unfortunately.  I build all of the packages that
> I build by hand.  If it was an autobuilder at fault, I'd be less hesitant
> to regenerate all of those packages.

No, don't rebuild the packages by hand just because of this. 
Potato is by definition unstable.... However, we should make sure
that potato doesn't get frozen with packages that have such a flaw.

I very much appreciate it that you have taken the time to build all 
these packages by hand in the first place.


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