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Re: kernel upgrade

George A. Dowding (dowdingg@math.uaa.alaska.edu) wrote:

> As a precursor to upgrading to potato, I have been instructed to
> upgrade the kernel.  What is the recomended way to get the latestest
> kernel source?  The one's in slink are not very new.

Go to ftp.xx.kernel.org (xx being your two letter country code, i.e. us)
download 2.2.13 (latest stable)
tar xzf linux-2.2.13.tar.gz
cd linux
make config
make-kpkg clean 
time make-kpkg --revision=custom.2.2.13 kernel_image  
cd ..
dpkg -i kernel-image-2.2.13_custom.2.2.13_alpha.deb 

There are other ways of doing it, this one just happens to be my


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