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Re: Upgrade instructions

On Wed 01 Dec 1999, George A. Dowding wrote:
> I am considering doing an upgrade from slink to potato.  What is the
> procedure for doing this?

First and foremost, get a 2.2 kernel running. 2.2.13 works for me.
If you don't, you'll have all sorts of trouble with your date/time.

Once you're running the 2.2 kernel, I suggest using apt to upgrade the
rest. I usually first do an 'apt-get upgrade', and once that's done, I
proceed to 'apt-get dist-upgrade' (which is a bit more agressive; e.g.
it'll remove packages that are obsolete or that have dependencies that
can't be satisfied (if that enables most of the other packages to
upgrade). If apt-get bombs out at some point, running 'dpkg --configure
--pending' until no unconfigured packages are left. Then try apt-get

Before doing anything, apt-get will say what it's going to do; look at
that carefully before proceeding, to prevent any major screwups.

Anyway, that's what I do, maybe others have better suggestions?  I feel
that upgrading with apt isn't that robust at the moment; maybe I should
just try it with dselect again.

Paul Slootman
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