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Re: Lully

On Tue 07 Dec 1999, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:

> > The system is up right now, but I need to install a new kernel with
> > the alpha RAID patches to mount the MD array - does anyone have any
> > suggestions what kernel (patches?) should be used for this? Right now it
> > is running a precompiled kernel from API.
> Doubtful that it needs it, although I'll need more info on the hardware
> configuration before being able to comment further.

I just had a quick look on the system, and it looks like the config is
3 x 9gig Seagate UW disks on an adaptec 2940U2W controller, i.e. no
hardware raid whatsoever. Throwing the linux md stuff at it should work

Paul Slootman
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