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Re: Where can I find tulip.o for 2.0.36

On Wed 08 Dec 1999, Phil Oleson wrote:

> > The "make config" is failing with an error message: "arch/alpha/Makefile:30:
> > *** missing separator. Stop".

> Check the makefile on that line and make sure that line starts with a tab
> or just DL the tarball from ftp.kernel.org and do a make boot from there.

No, that's not it.

Change line 30 of that Makefile to read:

    dummy:=$(shell rm -f /tmp/GAS_VER)

Similarly line 32:

    dummy:=$(shell $(AS) --version > /tmp/GAS_VER 2>&1)

This was a rather longstanding bug in the kernel sources (made apparent
when make was updated at some stage), fixed in 2.0.37 (or was it
2.0.38); but if you just have the 2.0.36 sources just apply the above

Paul Slootman
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