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Re: Headless install on LX164

On Mon 06 Dec 1999, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> edited that, commenting out consoles 2-6 and switching tty1 to ttyS0 in the two versions of

> Next problem: when I boot, it asks me for a root password!  Rebooting with the rescue floppy

That's because you're then on ttyS0, and that's not listed in
/etc/securetty (which defines the terminals on which a root login is
permitted). So add ttyS0 to that file.

> So, next I try commenting out the login line, and uncommenting the getty line in
> /etc/inittab.  Trouble is, getty needs a baud rate, and both 38400 (default) and 115200 give
> me garbage.

You probably need a baudrate of 9600 ?

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