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Install 2.1 problems on Sable 2100 4/275

	First time with Debian or Alpha hardware. I have been 3 
days trying to get either 2.1 CDs (from CheapBytes) or downloaded
floppies to boot. I am trying floppies because I cannot seem to
find the Linux device name for my CD (dka600) so it will allow
mounting the root device. As far as floppies, the furthest I have
gotten is boot Linux where it asks to load the floppy to load into
ram. When I do this, it reports the following:

RAMDISK Couldn't find ramdisk image start at 0

If I try a subsquent disk, it spits out a bunch
of info about it finding an MS FAT format with
a ton of data format paremeters and owner, group, 
etc. Then the kernel panics as it is unable to 
mount root fs on 02:00. The floppies were created
(3 times) from the following URL:


This was a link off Debian's site:


Any help greatly appreciated.

- Kyle 
kylet@shore.net   http://www.shore.net/~kylet    
UNIX Sys Admin        "Grandpa, what was NT?"

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