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Re: About harware detection and configuration tools in 1st CD Any "JIGDO for dummies" guide? Bad template URL in woody-src jigdo files Basedebs Re: Bug#149333: Screen Trashed after X Server logout Re: Bug#149491: dpkg depends hard on working F_SETLK fcntl Re: CD release announcement Re: CD release announcement, take 2 current link on (fwd) Re: Custom cd's cvs commit to debian-cd by manty cvs commit to debian-cd/data/woody by lawrencc cvs commit to debian-cd/tools/boot/woody by manty Debian 2.2 rev6 debian-cd and security mirror Debian CD Jigdo files at Debian CDs for woody release debian cd's in turkey... debian mini-CD-s not listad at Debian Woody HP-PA Demande de distribution CD Debian Re: d-i, debootstrap: possible fix for 116801: (local components) Re: Failure creating image Re: Forthcoming release of CD images for Debian 3.0 rev0 ("woody") hy Image ISO wrong Improving woody installation? NOT to late !!! Re: Internal Error with APT jigdo 0.6.7 jigdo 0.6.7(solaris8)/woody template: this is not a template jigdo 0.6.8 jigdo 2.0-pre13 template url is wrong jigdo downloading the packages multitple times? JIGDO-EASY2WIN (newbie) jigdo-easy threw a firewall ? jigdo - Error Code Question jigdo fails on Woody DVD Jigdo-lite problem jigdo woody pre8 problem Listing the available components in .disk/components Mirroring debian-cd missing links in [CD]/doc/install to other lang. translations Re: New Product Announcement Re: odd missing jigdo woody i386 files Official DVD images? Patch to document the SECURITY option possible bug in jigdo 0.6.7 ? pre 8 9 10? pre-release 3.0 p11 published, p12 coming soon Preserve timestamps and other things (patch) Problems adding extra packages to a PGI installer Re: Program do obslugi serwisu OPUS Serwis 2 Something to add to Sorting boot images into the beginning of the CD. Re: uh oh Re: uh oh fixed Unofficial woody MiniCD images updated unsubscribe upgrading potato to woody by CD Woody woody/arm CD images? Woody CD # 8 files are missing Re: Woody Mini-cd results you should mention this on jigdo info page The last update was on 16:55 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 159 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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