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Re: Debian CDs for woody release

Philip Hands wrote:
> The suggestion from Mantas is here:
>   http://lists.debian.org/debian-cd/2002/debian-cd-200206/msg00098.html
> The addition of the packages to task-desktop seems harmless to me, so we
> might as well IMO, unless you know a reason why this will break things.
> On the hardware detection front, I'm afraid I've never installed any of
> those packages --- do they do their work in the postinst?  If so, would
> having them in a hardware-detection-task do the trick?

I think that the packages that help X do autodetection need to be
installed when X is configured. Since there is no dependency there,
whether that would happen on a new install is rather random.

I'm leery of making many changes to the tasks at this late date. There
is always the possibility of intrducing problems with new packages added
to the normal installation path, which as it is has been fairly well

see shy jo

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