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Improving woody installation? NOT to late !!!


Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> wrote:
If there are some packages, that are important to newbies and are in no task
(and not marked as standard) and so newbies will only see them once they've
stopped being newbies, then we really have to do something to ease their fate :)

Agreed, but I'm not sure what we can do at this stage.  Unfortunately,
it may have to wait for 3.0_r1, but if someone can suggest a way of
slipping it into 3.0 I'd like to hear about it.

maybe we can:
1. mark part of my mentioned packages (like discover, etherconf, why in 1st
CD are only pppoeconf and pppconfig?) as standard;

I think that would inflict them on people that are upgrading, and don't
need them, so is probably not the way to go.

I know a fast and simple way to improve installation:

We should include some graphical configuration tools, developed by Progeny Debian (python-configlet (35kb), configlet-frontends (20kb), etherconf (15.4k), timezoneconf (30kb), localeconf (20kb)), graphical task selector - gnome-tasksel (12.1k) and graphical package manager(s) - stormpkg (and maybe synaptic) in task-desktop.

Advanced users select this task rarely (only few advanced people use full GNOME and KDE on one system), but newbies select this task often.

It would be very useful to put hardware detection packages: discover, kudzu, sndconfig and good text mode apt frontend - aptitude into CD1 too, but I don't know the best way :(
Maybe we should as this question in Debian Weekly News ?

Philip Charles <philipc@copyleft.co.nz> wrote:
IMHO, it is too late to do much about woody, but it should be high on the
agenda for woody+1.

Simply put some packages into task-desktop (as I explained above) and users will be happy. I think this we should do now !!!

Waiting for changes,
Mantas Kriauciunas <monte@mail.lt>

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