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Re: Jigdo-lite problem

On Sun, Jun 16, 2002 at 05:42:25AM -0500, Webmaster wrote:
> When I run jigdo-lite to create a woody dvd-image, it downloads 10
> files, creates a 4gb image, then deletes them and starts all over
> again (d/l another 10 files). Is this normal, or what do I do?

It is normal if it doesn't create the 4GB image over and over again. 
Otherwise (if the whole 4GB image gets written after every 10
downloaded files), upgrade to the latest version of jigdo-lite,
currently only available from my homepage, not in Debian. (Er, I've
been meaning to upload a new Debian package for a while... :-/ )

Note that downloading DVDs doesn't work at all under Windows, you must
use Linux.



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