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Re: jigdo woody pre8 problem

On Tue, Jun 04, 2002 at 09:25:11PM -0000, Iain D Broadfoot(ibroadfo) wrote:
> I can't seem to get the Contents.gz file for the Binary-1 nonUS disk.
> wget seems to download it fine, but the system then doesn't add/find
> it to the image, and i get kicked back to the 'oopsy - couldn't get
> all files' screen.
> i've tried on a few ( lots of ) servers and the same thing happens
> on them all.
> i've also tried rm'ing the jigdo and template files, forcing them to
> get gotten from the servers again, with the same result.

It sounds like you're using jigdo-easy2win under Windows. 
Unfortunately, that doesn't support the fallback mechanism that
jigdo-lite supports... you have to enter the fallback server manually:

Debian:  http://cdimage.debian.org/2.2r6-snapshot/
Non-US:  http://cdimage.debian.org/2.2r6-snapshot/non-US/



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