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Re: New Product Announcement

Dear idiot salesman

Regardless of the fact that we have our own facilities to watch our web
servers, I would _NEVER_ recommend working with or using a technical
product from someone who spammed a technical mail list and had their
clock set over 5 years in the past.

If you send another such mail to me (I have received 2 already) I will
send you an invoice for my consultation services because you obviously
don't have a clue how the Internet works. 


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On Fri, 1997-01-03 at 16:10, Outsource Sales wrote:
> Sir/Madam;
> This note is to inform you of new watchdog board technology for maintaining
> continuous unattended operation of PC/Servers etc. that we have released for
> distribution.
> We are proud to announce Watchdog Control Center featuring MAM (Multiple
> Applications Monitor) capability.
> The key feature of this application enables you to monitor as many
> applications as you
> have resident on any computer as well as the operating system for
> continuous unattended operation.  The Watchdog Control Center featuring
> MAM capability expands third party application "control" of a Watchdog as
> access to the application's
> source code is no longer needed.
> Here is how it all works:
> Upon installation of the application and Watchdog, the user may select
> many configuration options, based on their model of Watchdog, to fit their
> operational needs.  If the MAM feature is enabled, the user may select any
> executable program that they wish for monitoring.
> A lock up of the operating system or if any one of the selected
> applications is not running, the MAM feature, in
> conjunction with the Watchdog, will reset the system allowing for
> continuous operation.
> It's that simple!
> Watchdog Control Center is supported on most Microsoft Windows platforms
> (Win9x/WinNT/Win2k) and includes a Linux version for PCI Programmable
> Watchdogs.
> Watchdog Control Center Features:
> - Automated installation
> - Controls all Outsource Engineering Watchdogs
> - User selectable Watchdog timeout period
> - User selectable Watchdog stroke interval
> - Multiple Application Monitoring
> Included on the Installation CD:
> - Watchdog Control Center
> - Watchdog Drivers
> - Documentation
> For more information, please visit out website at
> http://www.outsrc-em.com/ or send an e-mail to sales@outsrc-em.com
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