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Re: Sorting boot images into the beginning of the CD.

On Tue, 2002-06-25 at 08:31, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Okay, if someone can provide a patch then, it would be great. 
> All the information we need is in /usr/share/doc/mkisofs/README.sort
> The default "offset weight" is 0. You can prioritize complete
> directories, you don't have to specify each file. In our case, we just
> want /boot to be at the beginning (and maybe /install following).
> We must take care because the content of the "sort file" depends of
> the mkisofs command line (we must use exactly the same path than the one
> given on the command line).

Hmm, I should obviously have checked this more thoroughly, since the
splitting of the boot directory was one of my tweaks, and was supposed
to fix this (and I'm pretty sure it did at the time, so has mkisofs
changed to do a global sort, or was I just imagining that it fixed this
for a while?)

I'm testing this patch, and will commit it if it works OK:

--- tools/boot/woody/boot-i386	2002/05/15 21:32:02	1.37
+++ tools/boot/woody/boot-i386	2002/06/26 12:00:58
@@ -198,10 +198,14 @@
 # write final lines to mkisofs_opts
 if [ "${ISOLINUX:-0}" != "0" ] && [ "$NN" = "1" ]; then
-    echo -n "boot$N " >> $N.mkisofs_opts
+    echo -n "-sort $N.mkisofs_sort boot$N " >> $N.mkisofs_opts
-    echo -n "-c boot/boot.catalog boot$N "  >> $N.mkisofs_opts
+    echo -n "-sort $N.mkisofs_sort -c boot/boot.catalog boot$N "  >>
+# make the boot directory sort first, to keep the rescue images at the
+# start of the CD/DVD.
+echo "boot$N 1000" > $N.mkisofs_sort
 # th,th, thats all

Do we need this only on i386, or is it worth making the same change for
some/all  other archs?

Cheers, Phil.
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