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jigdo 0.6.7(solaris8)/woody template: this is not a template


since debian-cd also is the official jigdo list I'd like to ask if following 
break of jigdo-file (0.6.7) compiled under my solaris 8/sparc may be known with 
other platforms: The jigdo templates of both woody sites debian and fsn.hu stop 
jigdo-file with the error message:

jigdo-file make-image -t woody-i386-7.iso.template -j woody-i386-7.iso.jigdo
jigdo-file make-image: `woody-i386-7.iso.template' is not a template file

The same result I get using jigdo-file inside of jigdo-easy. Using jigdo-lite 
doesn not come this far because it tries to overrite woody-i386-7.iso.jigdo 
after it was loaded by itself. It reports that jigdo-file (called by itself) 
should use --force. However it may fail the same way jigdo-easy does when using 
the woody-i386-7.iso.template 

My own port of jigdo-file with libdb3 from the solaris companion CD with free 
software started fine as long as I compile without GUI (gcc 2.95.2). Since alle 
templates and jigdo files show the same release (0.6.7) I cannot believe that 
the woody templates are incompatible.

A look into the source of mkimage.cc simply tells me that the templates for 
woody on both sites are not compatible or may have different headers.

Does this error appear sometimes on other platforms ? Are changes with the 
templates and headers known (mailinglist does not show solaris/sparc ports) ? If 
incompatibility is not the reason the error may depend on errors during the port 
? Is there a chance to get a working port of jigdo-file on solaris ?

P.S: I ported already jigdo-port to solaris. And it may  work  with all 
templates or it may not. But jigdo-easy stopped every woody download after hours 
of downloads with the hint that files are missing. After many other tries of 
different images with different ftp-sites failed over and over I gave up using 
jigdo-port. Also hours of download files vanished and there was no file-cache.

Has a solaris port of jigdo never been tried or tested ? Am I the first ?

Kind regards		Dieter Heine
Systemadministration	Unix
Astrium GmbH Raumfahrt	Bremen

EMail: Dieter.Heine@astrium-space.com

Fax: 	49 421 539 5698
Phone: 	49 421 539 4989 User Help Desk Astrium Friedrichshafen
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