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Re: jigdo fails on Woody DVD

On Sun, Jun 09, 2002 at 03:06:59PM -0400, Chuck Berg wrote:
> My attempt to download the Woody DVD image failed, with:
> --14:18:21--  ftp://ftp.fsn.hu/pub/debian-superseded/ON2d4xAL3MlW4IdblPQRhw
> No such file `ON2d4xAL3MlW4IdblPQRhw'.

Hm, what filename does that correspond to? Today's woody DVD jigdo
file does not list that checksum. What is the output of

  zgrep ON2d4xAL3MlW4IdblPQRhw woody-i386-1.jigdo

on your machine?

One possible reason is that it took you longer than 4 days to download
all the data - IIRC files in the "superseded" directory get deleted
after that amount of time.

> I have of course tried to continue several times with different
> mirrors, but this has no effect. The documentation says my last
> resort is to rsync the image, but I do not believe the DVD image is
> available for rsync anywhere.

That's correct.

> Is this a recoverable condition, or have I downloaded many gigs for
> nothing?

It will be a bit awkward, but it's possible to recover: In a directory
different from the one with the failed download, start jigdo-lite and
let it download the latest jigdo/template files. Then loop-mount the
.tmp file of the old, broken download (-t iso9660), and when the new
download gets to the "Files to scan" question, enter the mount point
of the .tmp file.



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