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possible bug in jigdo 0.6.7 ?


I have downloaded and installed jigdo 0.6.7 on my system and am trying
to retrieve the woody disks. I have encountered some problems (probably
due to local network failures) and interrupted the download several
times. It seems to me that two different files with the same name were
not retrieved at the first attempts, and that jigdo tried to get them
during the same pass when I restart the download. The files are :




Since they share the same name, when wget attepmts to get the second
file, it seems to get confused. I know wget is able to handle partial
content if a file has already partially been downloaded, but here it
seems confused and displays strange things like a negative number of
bytes left to download. I suspect the file is corrupted at the end.

I finally succeeded only by exploding the partial iso image on my hard
disk, retrieving one file manually and overwriting it on the disk. Then
I could ask jigdo to continue the download by itself.

If someone confirm this behaviour, I would suggest to check for
duplicate names while retriving them, and to stop a pass in such cases
instead of trying to get 10 files each time.


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