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Any "JIGDO for dummies" guide?


First of all, I have to admit that I have not RTFM yet. Thus,
I have a plan to spent some time to do that first, at this weekend.
Until today, I have never managed to build a woody image by 
using jigdo :-(. Unfortunately, "pseudo-image" does not work 
with woody.

The problem is that the only host that has access to the net
is still a potato; whereas I have a woody system behind a firewall 
where "wget" does not work properly (but it has access to a local
debian mirror).

Question: is there any "jigdo for dummies" guide available somewhere;
where the host has no direct access to the net, but has access
to an internal Debian mirror?

Thank you.

Rahmat M.  Samik-Ibrahim -- vLSM.org -- http://rms46.vLSM.org --
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