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Re: jigdo downloading the packages multitple times?

On Sat, Jun 15, 2002 at 12:04:25PM +0200, Richard Atterer wrote:
> > Then I watched the tmp directory and saw that a lot of packages
> > there were stored and deleted without the iso getting bigger. So it
> > seems that all these packages are fetched and deleted without any
> > use. Is that correct oder did I miss something?
> You missed something: jigdo first generates a big iso.tmp file which
> has the size of the final image, but it is *empty* (filled with
> zeroes). The idea is that if you haven't got enough disk space for the
> final image, it should fail as early as possible. Afterwards, the
> downloaded files are copied to the temporary image before being
> deleted from the tmp directory.

And that was not the case! I also thought so. But I watched very
closely. Because I saw these files getting deleted, it did a 'su -s .'
on and on. I saw that the directory got bigger a few MBs, but then
suddenly got smaller again. For example it was at 124 MB size, it got up
to 131 MB, but then back to 124. then it got bigger again, and back to
124MB again. And that very often.

I am sure these files were deleted, because where should the be gone to?
The iso.tmp did not get bigger.


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