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Re: Debian CDs for woody release

On Sat, 2002-06-22 at 06:04, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Hi guys,
> What more do you want to do wrt CDs before release? Are you happy to
> release with the images you have now, on the machine you have now?

The old machine is mostly OK now, but I'm still keen to get raff in on
the act, and it shouldn't take too much effort, so I'll sort that out in
the very near future if possible.

On the CDs, there are a couple of architectures that I've not been
having much luck with, but I've not had time to diagnose the reason why,
so I'll have a look into it today before claiming there is an actual

Also, there have been the suggestions about adding a few newbie friendly
packages to those included on the first couple of CDs, preferably CD#1,
presumably by adding them to tasks (as mentioned a few times by Mantas
Kriauciunas).  I think this should be doable without to much greif, and
would be a good thing, but I'm not sure who's responsibility it might be
to decide to add things like that to tasks, or whatever.  Is this
something that simply going to be delayed till 3.0_rev1, or is there any
opportunity to fix this before release?

> In a few days, the answer to both those questions is required to be
> "yes", so if either of them are "no" at the moment, we need to do
> something about it.


Cheers, Phil.
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