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Sorting boot images into the beginning of the CD.

Hello people,

in the past, I received problem reports from different people, saying
the same thing: "Debian-CD does not boot on some old machine, some other
Debian CD does boot, and another one does not - but RedHat/SuSE CD did
boot fine on this machine".

Now, I came across a similar issue on the KNOPPIX mailing list.
According to Christian Perle, one of the guys hacking privately on
KNOPPIX, the image must be somewhere in the beginning of the CD.
Otherwise, there are lots of broken BIOSes (especially some Award models
from around 1997), and he recommends -sort option of mkisofs.

It looks that he's right, syslinux manpage also recomends to put the
boto image into beginning of the CD.

So any opinions? Cc' when the message should reach me, I am not

Expect the unexpected and expect the expected to be late.

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