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Re: jigdo woody pre8 problem

Phil, please grep Contents out of the files passed to jigdo-file
during jigdo generation, or we'll have hundreds of messages like this
once woody is released! :)

On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 08:37:59PM -0700, Robert Fu wrote:
> I just joined this mailing list. I had the same problem when
> downloading the 1st 3 Woody CDs. I tried various sites,
> jigdo-easy2win always downloaded the only missing file
> Contents-i386.gz (The downloading was successful. It reported:
> 'Contents-i386.gz' saved.), then it told that not all files were
> downloaded. When restarted, the above process repeated again and
> again.
> It seems there is a problem with the downloading
> program. 

The decision not to recognize the downloaded Contents-386.gz is
correct: jigdo checks the md5sum of the downloaded file, and because
that file has changed on the FTP servers, it must not be used for the
CD image.

jigdo-*lite* supports an additional mechanism to look in a "backup"
location if the file is not found on the primary selected server.
Unfortunately, jigdo-easy does not support that.

You might be able to fix your problem by entering the following
servers just for fetching the missing Contents file:


(Maybe change "pre9" to "pre8".) Please report whether that works -
apparently Iain had problems with it. :-/



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