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Re: Sorting boot images into the beginning of the CD.

Le Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 09:43:49PM +0200, Eduard Bloch écrivait:
> Now, I came across a similar issue on the KNOPPIX mailing list.
> According to Christian Perle, one of the guys hacking privately on
> KNOPPIX, the image must be somewhere in the beginning of the CD.
> Otherwise, there are lots of broken BIOSes (especially some Award models
> from around 1997), and he recommends -sort option of mkisofs.

I don't know the default sorting algorithm. The boot directory is
already given as a the first argument, does this influence the sorting
order ?

Otherwise, if we have to use the -sort argument, some tries may need to
be done ... i'm not sure if I understand what to put in the "sort file".

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