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Re: d-i, debootstrap: possible fix for 116801: (local components)

This should've been Cc'ed to -cd probably, since it's probably more of
interest over there. I've included Tollef's original post in its entirety.

On Sun, Jun 16, 2002 at 05:52:27PM +0200, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> aj and I discussed how to make it possible to get install packages
> from local components.  aj isn't too happy hardcoding anything, so the
> patch in 116801 isn't acceptable.  I need to be able to install
> base-config from a local repository, so I need a fix for this.
> His proposal is that debootstrap should accept a command line argument
> --components, which specifies which components that are to be
> installed.

Which is to say you'd say something like:

	deboostrap --components main|local ...

to have debootstrap consider packages in dists/foo/main and
dists/foo/local if you have a special constructed CD with a local
component. Otherwise, you could say:

	debootstrap --components *      # to look at all available components
	debootstrap --components main   # to look at nothing but main

I'm inclined to think the default should be "main", and the default if
the --boot-floppies argument is present should be "main|local". I'm
hopeful that the woody+1 installer can make intelligent use of this
option so that it'll be a bit more flexible. In particular, if d-i is
installing from a CD, it should either automatically pass '--components
*' to debootstrap, or it should check for /cdrom/.disk/components and
use that when calling debootstrap.

> Does this sound sane to people?  I'll look into implementing this and
> testing it in the next few days.

This also ties in, loosely, with plans to make "base" more flexible. In
particular, this should eventually make it possible to dump randomly
named packages in local, and have debootstrap automatically pick them
up and have them available for the first reboot, rather than requiring
them to have the same name as real base packages.


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