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woody/arm CD images?

I'm going to be losing my nice fast academic network connection in a week
or so, and before this happens I'd like to burn off some Debian CDs to
install on my Risc PC.  Given that woody is about to release, I'd like to
grab some woody CDs, rather than the ancient potato ones available.  As
any installation is a moving target, I'm happy for packages to be
potentially broken, as I'll do an apt-get upgrade after installing them.

Having done this for i386 using the .jigdo files at ftp.fsn.hu and my
local Debian mirror, there don't seem to be any .jigdo files for the ARM
port.  Do such things exist?  I assume the .jigdo files are generated from
something saying what goes on each CD - can I find this for ARM and
generate my own .jigdo files?  Or is there any other way to make CD images
for ARM?


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