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Re: Woody CD # 8 files are missing

On Tue, 2002-06-11 at 08:43, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> On Jun 10, Robert Fu wrote:
> > Web page
> > http://cdimage.debian.org/pre-release-jigdo/i386/
> > shows that files for Woody CD #8 are missing. It
> > causes jigdo-easy2win failed everytime when I tried to
> > download woody CD #8.
> Dumb question of the week: what worthwhile software is actually on
> Woody CD #8?

Well, not much, since there are only 7 CDs.  ;-)

Admittedly, debian-cd has been a bit confused about what constitutes a
non-US package of late, so that set has NON_US versions of CD#1 & CD#7,
so I suppose you could claim there were 9 CDs but then I'm not sure
which one you'd be calling CD#8.

> What sort of circus freak would actually want a CD
> containing the most absolutely obscure software in Debian?

A quick look, just at the As & Bs on the CD reveals:

Well, if you're a French or Portuguese speaker (or writer) then
aspell-fr or aspell-pt might be handy.

airsnort is a fun package if you want to break into WLAN networks.

I'm sure bugzilla is important to a few people.

The thing is that after the first 2 CDs the package order is effectively
random.  It's certainly not in order of decreasing usefulness.

> I've never quite understood the desire for completism that is
> associated with Debian CD sets.  I mean, I'll gladly sell a CD
> containing 300 iterations of "joe developer's vanity package" and
> pocket the money, but the amateur psychologist in me is still curious
> why anyone would want to buy it.  Do these people also collect daily
> newspapers, nail clippings, etc?

If you want to compile a list of packages that are so useless that they
don't deserve to be on the CDs, and then explain that fact the the
maintainers of the packages you name, all I can say is "good luck" ;-)

Also, you're forgetting that some people are not on the Internet AT
ALL.  If you want to install Debian in a school in some parts of the
developing world, or if you want to install it on an IBM s390 (very few
of which are plugged into the Internet BTW) then if it's not on the CDs,
it won't be installed.

> Then again, maybe these people have been burned in the past by
> $SHOVELWARE_DISTRO_OF_THE_WEEK's demotion of the GNU C Compiler to the
> second CD in $SHOVELWARE[*].
> Chris, hopefully not offending any circus freaks in the audience.
> [*] Any similarity between the names "SHOVELWARE" and "Mandrake" is
> strictly coincidental.


Cheers, Phil.
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