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pre-release 3.0 p11 published, p12 coming soon


I've put 3.0 pre11 today, which includes all architectures, and seems to
be a successful attempt at all architectures.

The only problem I've noticed so far is that there are a few outsized
1_NONUS CDs, namely:

   powerpc mipsel alpha sparc

I'm just doing 3.0p12, with tweaked boot-$ARCH.calc values.

I've also added the newbie friendly packages (as suggested by Mantas),
just to see what they push off of CD#1.  Personally, I think it's a bit
pointless doing this, unless we have some way of persuading them to be
installed early enough to benefit newbies, but I suppose if nothing
terribly vital is lost, we could at least mention the idea of installing
the packages in the release notes.

If you were wondering where to find this stuff, it's here:


Cheers, Phil.
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