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Re: uh oh fixed

Joerg Rieger helped out:

Personally I've never tried to make a Sparc Debian ISO image but I've
create serveral OpenBSD Sparc ISO images on an Intel machine and all
the CD's were bootable, so it works. :-)

> Here is a logfile:

> /mnt/cvs/debian-cd/tools/boot/woody/boot-sparc: ar: command not found

perhabs here is the Sun ar command expected instead of GNU ar or isn't
installed at all or not in your path settings ?

Hello to the list and Joerg.

Yes, the ar command was truly missing.
binutils was installed, so it is a mystery.

>Making the binary CDs bootable ...
>Running tools/boot/woody/boot-sparc 1 /mnt/tmp/woody-sparc/CD1
>/mnt/cvs/debian-cd/tools/boot/woody/boot-sparc: ar: command not found
>gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
>tar: Child returned status 1
>tar: ./boot/cd.b: Not found in archive
>tar: ./boot/second.b: Not found in archive
>tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
>Running tools/boot/woody/boot-sparc 2 /mnt/tmp/woody-sparc/CD2

I checked to see if binutils was installed and yes, it was. 
The binutils was there during the machine's latest upgrade.

To remedy the situation
I settled on installing binutils-multiarch
because of my sparc CD task.

Then I saw all the new links it made and chickened out:
apt-get remove binutils-multiarch

Then the ar command showed up. Hmmm...

I guess it fixed the path or something.

The debian-cd works right to the end now.
A new set of sparc bootable CDs was made 
from an ix86 machine.

Now we go and see if it is indeed bootable.

Thanks for making me search out the d@#$%# ar command.

Cheers, Bill Bennet

"Where the only monopoly we support has a Boardwalk and a Baltic Avenue."

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