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Re: JIGDO-EASY2WIN (newbie)

On Wed, Jun 26, 2002 at 11:45:57AM +0200, Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
> If you can without too much trouble, please build all arches. I'd like to
> do some infrastructure testing, that is building all the images from jigdo
> files.

NB, there is currently a problem when using jigdo-lite/mirror: ATM,
two driver-4.bin files have exactly the same timestamp on the servers,
which results in jigdo-file getting confused and returning the first
file's md5sum when given the second one.

The solution is to add --no-cache at the end of the $jigdoFile
invocation inside the fetchAndMerge() function of jigdo-lite/mirror.

See bug 150973 for more details. Many thanks to Manty for discovering
this! I'll make a new jigdo release before the weekend.



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