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Re: jigdo fails on Woody DVD

On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 09:39:54AM +0200, Attila Nagy wrote:
> Hello,
> > One possible reason is that it took you longer than 4 days to download
> > all the data - IIRC files in the "superseded" directory get deleted
> > after that amount of time.
> Actually, it is 14 days...

It took less than 24 hours to download.

The missing file was:

The date in the jigdo file is:
Info='Generated on Sat,  8 Jun 2002 05:10:45 +0200'

> Did you try to use a newer .jigdo file? What's the date of yours?

I had success with a newer .jigdo file - the one dated June 10.

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