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Re: Forthcoming release of CD images for Debian 3.0 rev0 ("woody")

Richard Atterer wrote:
> Changes in the setup of Debian's master CD mirror
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> In the past, the server where Debian CDs were generated was
> cdimage.debian.org, a.k.a. open.hands.com, a machine in the UK.
> Starting with the release of woody, the cdimage DNS entry will point
> to raff.debian.org (located in the US), while open will be available
> as non-us.cdimage.debian.org.
> In case of questions, feel free to reply to this mail. Thank you for
> dedicating disc space to Debian CD images!

Will rsync userids and passwords that exist on open.hands.com exist on
raff.debian.org?  Once upon a time I was given one when things were
really busy so that I could still sync up and I still use this in the
debcdmirror scripts that I run.


Jason Holmes

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