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Re: possible bug in jigdo 0.6.7 ?

Richard Atterer wrote:

> Maybe you have set "continue = on" in your .wgetrc? Unfortunately,
> wget has no --no-continue switch which I could use to override that
> setting...

You got it ! Perhaps jigdo could do something like that to get rid of
this setting :

fetch() {
    if test "$#" -eq 0; then return 0; fi
    if [ -f $HOME/.wgetrc ] ; then
      export WGETRC
      sed '/^ *continue *=/d' < $HOME/.wgetrc > $WGETRC
      wget --user-agent="$userAgent" $wgetOpts "$@" || return 1
      rm $WGETRC
      unset -v $WGETRC
      wget --user-agent="$userAgent" $wgetOpts "$@" || return 1
since the wget documentations says that :

   Then it will look for the user's file.  If the environmental variable
`WGETRC' is set, Wget will try to load that file.  Failing that, no
further attempts will be made.

   If `WGETRC' is not set, Wget will try to load `$HOME/.wgetrc'.

But I am aware the problem I experienced is mainly bad luck ...


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