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Re: Debian CDs for woody release


> What more do you want to do wrt CDs before release? Are you happy to
> release with the images you have now, on the machine you have now?

I may not have a voice on that, nevertheless I have two gripes with woody
right now:

* The non-inclusion of mozilla 1.0 :-)

* The non-inclusion of _any_ version of mICQ. The current version of mICQ
  is pretty much rock solid, all functions of earlier versions and more
  are available, and it's the only i18n'ed text mode client. You may
  remember the way mICQ was silently removed(!) from the archive.
  (Unfortunately, there's a bug in that the initial created .micq/micqrc
  causes mICQ to segfault. The simple fix is in CVS or on the mailing list,
  but the maintainer seems not to bother to read that. See www.micq.org.)

* The fact that non-English users are giving a hard time by not having
  the €uro working out of the box in KDE. Everything else works out of
  the box, but KDE requires the addition of .ISO8859-1 to $LANG to work
  correctly. That was added to some version of the locales package, but
  the maintainer cowardly removed the supplied patch in the current
  version (without re-opening the bug!). See #130259 for details
  (this bug is references in the €uro-howto as well).
  And yes, it's a real shame if it doesn't work out of the box just
  half a year late.

PS. There are three kinds of people: those that can count till three and
those that can't. ;-)

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