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Re: Unofficial woody MiniCD images updated

On Jun 10, Anthony Towns wrote:
> It doesn't need the uncompressed Packages file, but it *does* need the
> correct entry for the uncompressed Packages file in the Release file.
> (In truth, it could probably avoid needing the entry in the Release file
> too, but it does need it atm)

Thanks for the clarification.  It's not that big a deal, but I
expected it to "just work" after skimming the code, and it didn't.
Really just more frustrated that I should have tested it...

(As it is, the entry in the Release file won't be there the way
debian-cd works unless the uncompressed file is generated by
apt-ftparchive, so I'd have to remove it after building the Release
file.  But then the Release file would be technically incorrect,
because it would reference a missing file.  Catch-22.)

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