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upgrading potato to woody by CD

A month or so ago, Marcin Wolinski <wolinski@mimuw.edu.pl> wrote:

> I've tried to upgrade a Potato system to Woody using the 3.0pre6
> version of Debian CDs, but it failed miserably.
    [snip details]
> and after getting to some 50% it displayed:
>   E: Internal Error, Could not configure a pre-depend

Now, I have tried to upgrade a potato box using the "unofficial" CD images 
with much the same result. (Before anyone says I should upgrade over the
network, the box in quesiton has no network card and lives a long way from
the nearest ethernet socket. The CD burner is more happily located.)
Following the thread, I find that :

Michael Knoop <mknoop@uic.edu> replied:

> I had exactly the same problem.  When I ran "apt-get --simulate install
> dpkg apt debconf" it showed problem packages in square brackets after
> packages it was "installing".  Using this information, and stumbling
> around for awhile, I finally found that running "apt-get remove libdb2"
> began a rather extensive upgrade process that fixed things so I could
> continue with the first step of "apt-get dpkg apt debconf" as before.
> By the way, the extensive upgrade process actually reinstalled libdb2
> after it removed it. Weird, huh?

I tried this, and in my case it didn't work -- I got the 
     E: Internal Error, Could not configure a pre-depend
message again. 

I considered removing libdb2 from the potato system before introducing the
CDs to it, but it issued awful warnings about the importance of libdb2, so
I didn't proceed. 

Now, the release notes mutter about installing statically-linked versions
of apt and dpkg, but only if you are upgrading from slink. Neither the
woody cds nor the woody archives seem to contain these, so I couldn't try

Any other suggestions? The CD contains reasonable-looking contents and
boots OK, so the burn wasn't a total failure. I have not tried a clean
install from the disc yet as I don't have a scratch machine. 

many TIA, 


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