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(no subject) [was:] Setting up kernel 2.4 AIW Radeon+LX164--compatible? Alpha BIOS to SRM question = looking for some help any idea why ? ATTN: All credit welcome, jump on the lowest rates in 50 years auto re-building installed debs Bahamut ircd Browser for Multia Browsers in woody buildd request: tsclient (0.104-1) can't compile kernel Re: ccc compiling kernel on EB SX164 compiling mplayer Couple quick questions 164Lx milo/aboot/ext3 AlphaBIOS versus SRM Debian 3.0 and user mode linux Digital Server 7305 *is* running Debian GNU/Linux the following packages have been held back? Framebuffer and/or X-Terminal advice for Multia gcc-3.2? GPREL32 link error...anyone know what this is? IDE Controller Recommendation kdegames ld is crashing during a buildd on an alpha. scary. libc6.1 vs. libc6 Linux 2.4 on AS1000 4/233 (Mikasa)? NetInst ISO Images with 2.4.x kernel? newbie Problems with date on PW433au Promise Controller PWS cpu replacing PWS500au ide problems questions Raising Debian Awareness ruffian+milo question SCSI cards and SRM (Re: questions) Setting up kernel 2.4 Re:setting up kernel 2.4 Silencing of the 500au Sound on Miata 433 strange when updating support for Tru64 binaries in 2.4.18 and later swap disks Unidentified subject! video card The last update was on 10:25 GMT Sat May 18. There are 154 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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