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Re: compiling kernel on EB SX164

Kelledin pravi:

On Tuesday 18 March 2003 08:02 am, Jure Buble wrote:

did anyone succesfully boot kernel 2.4.18 on SX 164 EB?

I can compile kernel, but am unable to boot. The machine hangs
on unable to mount root FS.
Yes I assumed that i have something wrong in the kernel
config, but whatever i do machine wont boot. I also upgraded
to gcc 3.2, but even that did not help.

It could be the issue you're having is a common EB164 DMA bug. This patch works around it.


The issue is described at:

http://skarpsey.dyndns.org/alpha-lfs/alpha.html (search for "EB164")

In any case the patch should be harmless to apply, even if it doesn't fix your problem. I've got it applied even though I don't suffer from this issue.

Is it possible that i have problems beacuse i use AlphaBios
and not SRM?

Possibly, but IIRC AlphaBIOS+MILO should be able to handle that kernel. It's usually preferable to switch to SRM anyways, of course...

Thanks for advice, but even that did not help. I am sure that the problem is in AlphaBios so i will try to install SRM.

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