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Re: [was:] Setting up kernel 2.4

vdemart@supereva.it writes:

> Friends,
> I still have trouble to boot my Digital Alphastation 500 with kernel 2.4.20.
> Adrian Zaugg told me to add the initrd=/initrd.img to the aboot.conf file but nonetheless the boot stops with a kernel panic.
> At a closer examination the problem seems to be the recognition of the SCSI devices.
> As a matter of fact, both the boxed 2.2.20 and 2.4.20 kernels  built-in have support for Qlogic ISP SCSI (beside the 2.4.20 kernel has support for  Qlogic ISP FC SCSI  &  Qlogic QLA 1280 SCSI set up as modules).
> But while the 2.2.20 kernel quietly recognizes the SCSI devices, the 2.4.20 fails to do it and ends up in a panic.
> How is that possible?

Did you build a initrd image fitting your kernel?


PS: man mkinitrd

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