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Sound on Miata 433

   I have a Miata (pws 433u) running sarge, which works well except
for sound. The sound chip is apparently an ES1888 on 0x220, irq5, dma
1 & 5.

   I could never get OSS sound running on it, but I'd rather get ALSA
working anyway. I can get ALSA running with the sb8 driver -- but
that's only 8-bit, of course. The correct driver should be es18xx, but
earlier versions of ALSA wouldn't load that module, claiming that the
opl3 port wasn't at 0x220. The current (sarge?) version of
alsa-drivers does load the es18xx module, but pcm doesn't work when I
try it (saytime gives out one syllable, then hangs). (Actually, the
sb8 module in the current alsa-modules doesn't work either, but that's
another story).

   Has anyone successfully got 16-bit sound going on one of these


Ron Murray   (rjmx@rjmx.net)
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