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Re: questions

tor, 2003-03-27 kl. 17:51 skrev Bob Schmidt:
> Hi again,
> Well here we go, I just aquired a DEC 433au with 256mb of ram. It
> doesn't
> have a hard drive, I have a 20gb ide I was going to put in it.  It does
> have
> the scsi controller, but I don't have a scsi hard drive for it yet
> because I
> don't know how many pins it has.  I am planning on putting debian 3 on
> it.

Just a quick note on the harddisk choice. I've been thoroughly unable to
get SRM to recognize the SCSI disks in my PWS's. And since I have no IDE
disks in them, I have to use AlphaBIOS + Milo to boot.

If anyone know how/if it is possible to get SRM on a PWS to detect SCSI
drives, I would really like to know. The setup for AlphaBIOS is a bit


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