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Re: ruffian+milo question

Stefan Fritsch <sfritsch@ph.tum.de> writes:

> Hi!
> >> Maybe your floppy disks are faulty? Milo has much bigger problems 
> > Could well be. Never gets used. Does superformat work for you?
> No, superformat doesn't work, it fails during calibration. (Anybody 
> has this working on an alpha?) But I meant the disks anyway, not the 
> drive. I had to try serveral disks until it worked. But I think there 
> were some kind of error messages.
> At what stage does booting fail? When loading milo, the kernel or the 
> root file system? Any error messages?

I load milo from harddisk and then the kernel from fd0. The floppy LED
goes on and stays that way for a long time, even when removing the
> > What happens if you remove the floppy during boot? Mine just keeps
> > the floppy led on and does nothing.
> Unfortunately, I cannot reboot the machine now (or in the next few 
> days). So I can't test it.


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